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Addressing Trauma in Schools Part 1

Addressing Trauma in Schools (Part 1) is an introduction to working from a trauma-informed lens within your practice as an educator. Dr. Kristen McLeod, along with extension activities, will provide you with a starting point to begin making small changes in your approach to understanding how trauma impacts our students and their development.


Anti-Black Racism

This webinar, created by the Global Centre for Pluralism and lead by Ms Destine Lorde, is intended to give the viewer an introductory understanding of the concepts of racism vs anti-black racism, systemic racism, microaggressions and how to be an ally. Skills shared through the webinar are listening with intent, validating emotions, modeling empathy and challenging biases and assumptions



Learning Support and Classroom teachers will be introduced to the “Co-Teaching that Works” Co-teaching model that gives ideas for class engagement, learning support teacher expectations, how to be active participants in the lessons and programming of the students, and how teacher support teams determine priorities for support within their schools.


Foundations for Building Relationships – Module 1(Part 1)

Building the Foundations of Relationship Based Education (Module 1-Part 1) will give you an understanding of Social and Emotional Learning, and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. The rationale for why these practices make a difference to young people’s behaviour and academic performance will be given. As a result of imbedding these practices, the overall well being of both students and teachers increases. This module is interactive requiring you to reflect upon your own practice and hopefully be inspired.

Foundations for Building Relationships Module 1 (Part 2)


Google Apps for Education

This course will be continually added to as videos on topics are produced. Check back often to see if new topics have been added. If there is a topic you want to have covered, please email


Guided Reading P-6

The Guided Reading P-6 course takes participants through the what, why and how of guided reading and also provides resources to assist with the planning and assessment. It is recommended to take this course with a small or whole group of peers. Self-reflection and discussion time is built within; please have a notebook ready. The intended audience is for ELA/FLA teachers new to guided reading and for those who are looking to tweak and slightly modify their sessions to make them more effective.


Inquiry Based Learning in Physical Education

Mathematics Planning: Choosing the Right Tools for the Job


Plannification pour Francais- Immersion 7-12

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