6) Monthly Host pay

Host families are paid a fee per month per student. In the past few years we have raised the price from $525 to $580. Our anticipated host family pay for 2021-2022 is $580/month per student. Host families are paid at the end of the month. This money is a reimbursement so it is paid at the end of the month. Example: students will spend the month of September in a homestay and the host families will get paid at the end of September or start of October. This also allows us to give the most accurate pay in case students return home or switch locations.
In extreme circumstances, we may be able to pay the last month up front. This would only be for families that can not afford to host without this money.

Homestay Coordinators must relay all of this information to the homestay each year along with the schedule of when pays will be happening (Director will provide this for you). Please make sure all of your host families know to contact you directly right away if pay is missing or wrong. The Homestay Coordinator then makes contact with the Director to look into this.

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