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What is an NSISP Student Ambassador?

The primary role of the ambassadors is to help international students become familiar with their school and community after they arrive and create deeper relationships with the students around them. The ambassadors also work with the international student staff liaisons to make their school a more internationalized and welcoming environment. The NSISP believes the interaction between student ambassadors and international students helps both groups develop cross-cultural skills and become better global citizens.

In order to be eligible to be an ambassador, students must participate in a multi-day training camp in August or receive training from an ambassador who has attended this session. Follow up training sessions typically occur in January/February and are open to all ambassadors. Most schools have a grade 12 ambassador and a grade 11 ambassador in training to ensure continuity when the senior ambassador graduates.

The full guide is available to download here

Ambassadors Training Camp

The Nova Scotia International Student Program (NSISP) has a new committee aimed at assisting international students in adjusting to our Nova Scotia schools. As part of this initiative, the CCRSB ESL(English as a Second Language) Summer Camp hosts a training camp designed to give school representatives an opportunity to meet and interview international students from all over the world (many of whom will stay in Nova Scotia for high school). The student ambassadors participate in sessions aimed at developing strategies to make ISP (International Student Program) students feel welcome in our schools and communities. Ambassadors attend planning sessions, develop a provincial support network, and integrate with ESL campers for activities.

NSISP Student Ambassador

The primary role of the student ambassador is to help international students integrate into their school and community after they arrive in Nova Scotia. The ambassador works with administration and the international student staff liaison within their school to create a more internationalized and welcoming environment.

Competencies Required

a) Cross-cultural skills and awareness;
b) Open minded and willing to learn from others;
c) Good communication and organization skills;
d) Strong leadership ability and ability to motivate others to participate in activities; and e) Be willing to give up after school hours and weekends as needed to lead activities


a) Be a grade 10, 11 or 12 student;
b) Be in good academic standing;
c) Experience working with people from different cultures and backgrounds; and d) Experience organizing events and activities

Specific Job Components

The Student Ambassador is responsible for the following job requirements:
a) Provide school tours and welcome new international students and international visitors;
b) Work with the school staff liaisons and homestay coordinators to organize regular activities for international students in the school and community;
c) Work with school administration to acknowledge and celebrate the international students in their schools;
d) Attend an Ambassador Training Camp in Truro as well as the January/ February Information session within their board;
e) Encourage international students to use and complete their NSISP Passports; and
f) Help their schools work towards or maintain NSISP Welcoming School status

If you know of students that may make great ambassadors, please reach out to us at the regional office.

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