Families are encouraged to engage with their students in family activities. Nova Scotia has so many wonderful opportunities for adventure! Discover events and cultural experiences, visit museums, go for a hike, wander a beach. Explore your community or another great Nova Scotia community. Become a tourist in your own province!
There are many school and community activities your International son/daughter may discover that will help them quickly integrate with other students, meet new friends with shared interests, and have a great Canadian experience. Please help your International son/daughter organize drives for these activities. Host families will not charge students to transport them to local activities. Carpooling is a common way to save time/fuel costs (with other Canadian families or other host families). 
Communication about transportation to/from activities is very important. Please remember that one of the biggest adjustments our students make is living in a community without mass transportation, and they will need some support to understand what is typical in a rural community regarding transportation.
To assist with planning, consider having a calendar on the wall, or on the fridge where activities can be recorded. 
Homestay Coordinators will plan a monthly activity for the International students in your area. Please encourage your son/daughter to participate.  Activities will be posted on the NSISP Passport App.
Sometimes the TCISP will organize a region-wide activity for all International students. Please encourage your son/daughter to participate. Activities will be posted on the NSISP Passport App.
At various times throughout the year, TCISP will organize ‘optional’ activities for students. These activities will require advanced registration and there will be a fee for the students. You may need to explain some of these opportunities with your International son/daughter. Activities will be posted on the  NSISP Passport App.
NSISP offers two ‘optional’ cultural TRIPS each year for students (1 in October; 1 in March). These require advance registration and payment. Trip details and registration will be provided by NSISP in Sept. and Feb.
Canadian Student Ambassadors, along with their School Liaison, may also plan activities for International students. Please encourage your son/daughter to participate. Activities will be posted on the NSISP Passport App.
Host families are not permitted to sign waivers for their International sons/daughters. Permission forms will be signed by their legal custodian (the Coordinator of Community Learning and International Services) and Homestay Coordinators will inform Host families about the activities.
School ski trips: Often we try to get a trip booked each semester for the International students to try skiing or snowboarding. Permission slips will be signed by the legal custodian and Host families will be informed about the activity by your Homestay Coordinator.

NOTE: TCRCE schools do not permit students to drive vehicles transporting other students to a school team/club taking place at another school. If you are helping your International son/daughter arrange to carpool, please speak to the other parent directly. 

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