General (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.)

  • Generally stay multiple years
  • Often begin in junior high
  • Usually do not plan to graduate in one year. However, ensure they take courses that prepare them for graduation
  • Many stay to attend university. Ensure they enroll in university prep courses unless they specifically state they do not plan to attend university (ie. ECM12)
  • Some students from Asia arrive in April to audit courses for 3 months and return in September for a full year
  • For students who request IB, please see IB requirements in this course


Generally students coming from China should be registered as other Asian students. However, there will be students coming from Nova Scotia curriculum high schools in China who will have specific requirements (see below)

Sino-Canada Overseas School of SIP—David Wang

  • Each of these students is already registered in Powerschool in China. Their academic record needs to be continuous so this Powerschool will be necessary for proper registration.
  • Course requirements: Pre-Calculus 11 is mandatory, suggestions for other courses:
    • One academic grade 12 course (Preferably Global Geography or Economics)
    • Preferably one Physical Education 11 or grade 12 course
    • Any other academic grade 11 or grade 12 course
  • Students are coming from Nova Scotia schools in China
  • Preference is 1 student per school but will allow a maximum of 3 in larger schools
  • Students can only stay for 1 semester, they cannot extend (however, a small number have extended with approval from the agent)


AM’s International Education Services Ltd. – St. Andrews High School (Momoyamagakuin, Osaka)

  • Course requirements: English, Math, and a full course load
  • Students are coming from an elite private school
  • Students enroll for 1 year, February–January
  • Program coordinator will visit them during their program
  • Students usually arrive early and depart early due to exams in Japan

Kyoto Gakuen High School

  • Course requirements: Math, English, and a full course load (Academic courses)
  • Students are coming from an elite private school
  • Students enroll for 1 year, September–June or 7 months, September–March
  • Someone will visit every year

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