Finalizing Transcripts properly

This is mainly details for central office staff:
The super important details:

For students requiring validations I send only the transcript as most places charge for each document and the report card is redundant information. I handle all validations and Kim sends the rest and she scans all of them and sends them to the agents prior to the originals being mailed.

Validations are mainly: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Ecuador, Italy, and Turkey (this is a new request)

Graduates: if you have a Mexican, Ecuadorian, Spaniard, Italian, or Turk graduating please collect diploma.  The program manager will be by to pick them up.  Please do not give these to the student.  Their diploma will need to be validated. This is important.

Obscure requests: Each year we get an obscure request (Poland, Czech). Unfortunately, we cannot predict these and can only do our best when those come through. If you have students asking for something that seems out of the norm make sure you talk to the agent now and find out what is required. We will handle the invoicing at this end but need to know from you.

Japan: Please send 2 copies of the transcript for: AM, CAP, JAC, Kyoto Gakuen, Pure, and WING. These are required. They need 2 originals.

Student name – please ensure the full name is on the transcript

Courses/Grades – if they are Brazilian please ensure you send the PAL letter with the transcript. All other students please ensure their full course load is there with a grade.

Signature – please ensure this is legible and a full name. It must say, for example, Andrea Ashton not A. Ashton. There are a few schools each year I repeatedly ask about. Would be great not to have to ask this time around 🙂 If you receive a transcript that has not been signed the Director or Program Manager can sign as long as s/he is a certified teacher in Nova Scotia. This is a biggie and where most of the mistakes. I know I think my signature is legible most times – but have been told otherwise! If in doubt, please handwrite your name or use a stamp with your name underneath. If you are an educator you can sign the documents in lieu of school personnel.

Seal – please ensure the transcript is sealed with the school seal. If, for some reason it is not, you can use your board seal on the document.

Errors – no whiteout is permitted. No scratching out a grade and writing it in pen (yes, this happens) 

Do not staple please!! 

If students ask when they are going to receive their validated documents please let them know it will be at least August. Italians will not receive theirs until probably mid-September. We send everything to agents – not to students directly.

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