New School

As the Host parent, you are the contact for the school. Please ensure they have the correct mailing address, and phone contact information. It’s a good idea to give your student all of your contact information (paper copy AND in their phone contacts), in case they need it at school, miss the bus, etc.
If your International son/daughter is unable to attend school due to illness, please call the school and advise them. 
Most of our schools have trained Canadian Student Ambassadors who are peer supports. Each of our schools also has a School Staff Liaison and they support the International students in many ways.
Most of our schools offer an orientation before classes begin. 
There are MANY opportunities for your International son/daughter to get involved in their school community (sports teams, clubs, committees, theatre, band, etc.). In the first few weeks of school, ask them “Have you thought about ways to be involved at school?”

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