Preparing for your son/daughter

Necessities for your student include a bed, a desk (or writing surface), and somewhere to store clothes and other personal items. 
Other useful items: extra blankets (many students come from warmer climates), calendar, reading light, bulletin board (if families do not want items attached to the walls), and any other small touches.
Students are expected to supply their own toiletries; however, you may want to have a few things on hand, until you can take them shopping, or in case they forget anything (like a toothbrush!)
Do you need to get a new house key cut? They may be home before you; they should have their own set of house keys (or entry lock code if electronic entry). If you have a house alarm, you may also need to add the name of your son/daughter to the list of residents; please check with your service provider.
Take a quick look at the bedroom, everything ready? Something small, as a personal welcome is nice (notepad, with a handwritten ‘welcome to the family’ etc.).
School bus? Contact the bus garage for pick-up/drop-off time/location. (mention they are an International student, as they may like to pass that information on to the driver, so they can be aware that this may be their first busing experience)
Parents, guardians and students with questions about busing for the coming school year should call the bus garage. Bus garage staff will need a student’s civic address and the name of the school that they will be attending in the fall to help answer questions.
You can also contact the Coordinator of Transportation at 902-749-5663.

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