Returning Students

Returning Students
Students returning to the NSISP for another year are issued a letter with their acceptance into the program for another year and indicating their host family. A copy of the letter can be found in the HSC section of the website.

Often students will decide to change host families after a year for the experience of doing so. These changes are acceptable and can be accommodated in most cases.

Many coordinators ask for confirmation of student returns to place returning students early and find the best host family based on the wishes of the student. This is a good practice as happy returning students will benefit the entire NSISP.

Renewing Study Permits
All students who study in Canada for more than six months require a study permit/ student visa. Returning students will need to apply for a study permit extension through Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This process is the responsibility of the student. The NSISP has a group of consultants who are certified to help with renewals. A list of these consultants can be found on the HSC section of the website.

In some cases, students will choose to renew their study permits during their summer vacation in their home country but in most cases, it is less expensive to do so before they leave Canada. It is important this process is started approximately three months before a student is scheduled to leave Canada.

Directions and applications for study permit renewal can be found at The applications are updated frequently so check the website with the completion of each study permit renewal to ensure proper documentation is being used.

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