Tips for Registering NSISP Students for Guidance


  • Assume all students are here for credit unless they have graduated in their home country and are not looking to graduate again in Nova Scotia
  • All students must be registered in full-time studies (four courses per semester). The only exception may be grade 12 students who have studied more than one year in Nova Scotia. This is at the discretion of the school/guidance counselor
  • If a student arrives with very low English please inform your NSISP board Director or Program Manager. In this situation the student can be issued a “Low Level English” letter and moved to audit status for their first semester. Deadline for this change is October 15 and March 15.
  • Students under the age of fourteen may not register in grade 10
  • In many countries (ie. Brazil & Germany) students do not need to re-validate “credits”. What they need is courses and marks or course hours. Therefore, it is possible for students coming for one semester to take only one semester of a course (ie. second semester of grade 10 math).
  • Many students require their transcripts to be validated by their embassy. The NSISP handles this and if any students should have questions regarding validation they are to contact their NSISP staff

IB Requirements

The NSISP recommends students who wish to enroll in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program begin studying in Nova Scotia in grade 10 as the preferred option for entry to the program. Those students will be required to complete grade 10 with a full load of Pre-IB 10 courses. Promotion to the IB program for grade 11 will be based on teacher recommendations from the grade 10 Pre-IB teachers.
Though not recommended, it is possible for students who have already completed grade 10 in their home country to enter directly into grade 11 IB under the following conditions:

  • Students applying for direct entry into grade 11 IB have an average of 85% or higher in their home country in grade 10, and
  • A minimum English test score as indicated below (To be verified by the agent of record for the student.):
    • TOEFL: minimum score of 550 (paper-based test)
    • iBT TOEFL: minimum score of 80 overall with no band score below 20
    • IELTS: minimum score of 6.5 with no score below 6.0


  • Students must be enrolled in the NSISP for a minimum of one year to be eligible for graduation
  • If they have graduated in their home country they can graduate in Nova Scotia, as long as they spend a minimum of one full year in Nova Scotia and meet all requirements below
  • Students should indicate upon applying to the program their interest in graduating in Nova Scotia. However, some students who enroll in the NSISP for grade 12 are not aware they may be eligible to graduate. Guidance counsellors should discuss this with all grade 12 students to determine if they can or would like to graduate in Nova Scotia
  • Students must fulfill the Nova Scotia graduation requirements
  • Students must successfully complete a minimum of five grade 12 Nova Scotia high school credits—one must be English
  • Students will incur the cost of additional course(s) necessary for graduation offered outside the regular school day
  • Students may not take/be awarded more than eight credits in an academic year (Students from Brazil are an exception)

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