Your TCISP Staff

Regional Staff:
Derek Lesser, Program Director
902-749-2818(O) 902-815-6888(C) 
Emmeline Parsons, Administrative Assistant 902-749-2830(O)
Shelley Mahen, Program Manager 902-749-5679(O) 902-749-6827(C) 
Cynthia Perry, Special Project Manager 902-749-2800(O) 902-740-2901(C)
Homestay Coordinators:
DIGBY: Annette Comeau, 902-247-2462(c)
SMBA: Anthony Frizzell, 902-340-7884(c)
Ruth Frizzell, 902-308-3212(c)
YARMOUTH: Melanie Challoner-Muise, 902-307-9737(c)
DRUMLIN: Francine Lesser, 902-746-4622(c)
BARRINGTON: Rebecca Symonds, 902-635-1145(c)
SHELBURNE: Andrea Huskilson-Townsend, 902-875-6865(c)
LOCKEPORT: Dayle Esceby, 902-874-0568(c)
SHORT TERM: Francine Lesser, 902-746-4622(c)

All questions and concerns from Host parents need to go to their Homestay Coordinator and the Homestay Coordinator will bring it to the appropriate people to get support or offer support.  It’s important for everyone to follow this process.

Your Homestay Coordinators offer support to you, your International son/daughter, and the schools.
Homestay Coordinators will visit your International son/daughter in the home at least once a semester. They may also visit at other times, as requested by the student or the family.
Students, Host families, and Homestay Coordinators are required to complete student evaluations twice a year (once each semester). Please complete these evaluations in a timely manner.
Should you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please contact your Homestay Coordinator.
Our Homestay Coordinators will communicate primarily with email and through the NSISP Passport App. Host families may register for a FAMILY account. Staff will be available to assist with the registration process at your local Homestay Coordinator meet and greet before the school year begins.

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