bBoards with Microbits Kit


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The b.Board is an Atlantic Canadian open source electronics hardware prototyping platform. Designed to be accessible to creators, researchers, and inventors of all ages. Using this fun interactive device, you can bring your IoT, robotics or other hardware project ideas from concept to reality!

Code at Any Level

With the help of the Microsoft MakeCode Integrated Development Environment (IDE) at, students of all ages and innovators at any skill level are able to program their b.Board through any combination of blocks, Javascript and Python with even more languages on the horizon! Check it out>

Kit Includes:

  • (8) b-Boards
  • (2) Weather Clicks Senses Humidity, Pressure and Temperature
  • (4) IR Break Beam Sensors used to detect motion.
  • (8) Power Adaptors for the b-Boards
  • (8) Battery Packs (Purple) with Alligator Clips for the b-Boards
  • (8) LEG Light Strips with Alligator Clips
  • (16) Step Motors (Yellow)
  • (16) Large Rubber Wheels
  • (25) Servo Motors in packages of 5 (Blue)
  • (40) Alligator Wire Clips
  • (15) Screwdrivers
  • (8) Microbits
  • (8) Microbit Battery Packs (Black)
  • (8) USB to Micro-bit cables to attach Microbits to Laptops or Chrome Books.


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