Cricut Kit


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The Cricut Maker 2 Kit comes with everything you need to get started with making various projects in your classroom. With easy to use drag and drop software on the Laptop that accompanies the kit to the various types of vinyl that comes with it. Be sure to send us pics of what amazing projects your students end up doing!

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Cricut Maker 2
  • (1) HP Laptop with Cricut Software installed
  • (1) Set Markers (Grey, Blue, Black, Green, Red, Orange)
  • (5) Weeding Tool Sets
  • (1) Set of Cricut Weeding Tools
  • (3) Varity Packs of mats to hold vinyl.
  • (1) Vinyl cutter
  • (1) Package of Transfer Tape
  • Various types of vinyl

Rental information

Rented items will be delivered to the school Monday to Friday during working hours. A time will be set up for the hand-off.