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Introduce your students to the world of coding not simply on a screen but bring it to the real world. From sample and simple projects to the more complex, Microbits are a great way to show students the power of computer programming.

For a complete overview, head to BBC micro:bit and click on Projects, or Lessons from the top menu to see what you can do with students. If you want to jump right into coding, click Let’s Code.

For Elementary, or Beginners: MakeCode Editor or Scratch. Both with Drag and Drop Blocks

For Jr., Sr. High and Experienced: Python Editor, Mobile and Tablet App Builder, and Swift Playgrounds for the iPad

Kit Includes:

  • (20) Microbits
  • (20) Microbit Battery Packs
  • (20) Cables to connect Microbits to Laptops or Chrome Books

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