5) How you are paid as an HSC

Homestay Coordinators are paid on the following pay conditions:
We will pay a straight $85/month per student. The pay is based on actual students on the ground in Nova Scotia. Students that cancel also cancel their tuition and therefore no payment is issued. The breakdown of this pay is:

$30/month is paid per student for:
1) placing the student and looking after subsequent moves if required. 
2) all paperwork for the host family to be turned in and kept up to date. 
3) a home visit once each semester to the host family. 
4) notify schools when there is a change in a homestay so demographics are up to date and notify schools when students leave so they can be taken out of the system. 

$55/month is paid per student for :
1) monthly check-ins on students
2) monthly activities for students 
3) reporting of any incidents to program supervisor immediately (as per new protocol)
4) completing monthly reports. 
5) the tracking of all arrivals and departure plans and communicating them to the program manager. 
6) work on recruitment of new host families each month
7) effectively manage, monitor, and submit expenditures monthly (must be pre-approved)
8) troubleshooting any issues with host families. 

When you get paid:
Pay for Homestay Coordinators is worked out at the beginning of each semester.
First-semester pay starts on the first pay of October and runs for 5 months- until the end of February. The total amount is based on $85/month/student. This total amount for the first semester is divided by the number of pays between October and February.
Second-semester pay starts on the first pay of March and runs for 7 months- until the end of September the next year unless other arrangements are made in advance to be laid off over the summer. The total amount is based on $85/month/student. This total amount for the second semester is divided by the number of pays between March and September.

**The reason pay works like this is so we can try to give you the correct amount you should be paid. We usually will have a really good idea of the number of students for each semester within a few weeks into that semester. This will hopefully prevent us from having to pay the difference or having you pay the difference back to us.

Terms of employment (as indicated in the job description) are year to year. We will be notifying all Homestay Coordinators in the spring if they are needed for the fall of the next year. Homestay Coordinators must then sign off by the date given. Failure to sign off/confirm the next year’s contract on time means the position will be advertised for people to apply for.
As indicated in the job description, both parties need to agree to the contract and either party can end employment with 30 days notice.

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